Group Committee Roles and Responsibilities

 The Group Committee is responsible for providing service and support to the section leaders and provides the administrative foundation for the section leaders to do their job.

Typical responsibilities of the Group Committee include:


  1. To provide for the operation of the programs in accordance with the Mission, Principles and Practices, Program Objectives, Operating Policies, Procedures and Regulations of Scouts Canada.
  2. To follow the Volunteer Recruitment and Development Procedures to secure and appoint Scouters who are acceptable to Scouts Canada.
  3. To encourage Scouters in their personal development by making opportunities for training and development available to them.
  4. To approve programs as presented by leaders.
  5. To maintain a program of growth for the Group/section.
  6. To ensure that the program resources equipment and personnel are available.
  7. Where necessary, to assist Scouters in the operation of the Group/sections.
  8. To assist Scouters in preparations of camps and other special events and to approve arrangements and budgets.
  9. When necessary, to assume direction of the sections.
  10. To ensure that due emphasis is given to the religious aspects of Scouting in the conduct and life of the Group/section.
  11. To provide for an annual review of Group/section Scouters and to ensure that the appropriate recognition for service is provided.


  1. To establish and provide for the continuous operation of the Group/section.
  2. To register the Group/section annually.
  3. Apply for and participate in the annual re-chartering of the Group.
  4. To secure adequate facilities such as a meeting place for the Group/section.
  5. To audit annually the accounts of the Group/section.
  6. To prepare and submit to the supervising council, an annual report covering the activities of the Group/section. This report shall include a schedule of real property and audited financial statements.
  7. To promote harmonious relationships within the Group/section and any institution or organizations in contact with or affecting the Group/section.
  8. To approve budgets as presented by leaders.
  9. To assume responsibility for all property and equipment including insurance matters.
  10. To raise funds as required.